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Dynamic Solar & Electric NW Corp.

We are a young company with a timeless spirit

Ever since I learned in high school in both chemistry and physics about the principles of conservation of energy and mass, I have been fascinated by them.

Energy, and more specifically solar energy, is available for all! It is an understatement that our planet benefits greatly from it. Countries worldwide are in the dawn of a new era of renewable sources. Photovoltaic(PV) systems, aka, solar panels allow us to herness the sun’s free energy and turn it into electricity.

PV electrical generation has grown in the US as prices have come down 50% in the last decade. This combined with recent breakthroughs in battery energy storage, and improved PV technology is helping our country and our customers move in the right direction in the 21st century.

We are committed to quality installations that are a win-win-win: Our customers have the best bang for their bucks, we make a reasonable profit, and we give back to our community!

“Good stewardship and smart use of our resources”

Gustavo Carvajal – Manager

Core Values



We partner with leading solar manufacturers of panels, inverters and racking. We also encourage and support our employees’ innovation. We train them and welcome their ideas for best ways to do teamwork.



All our solutions involve top notch products that are UL tested and certified. We strive to design solutions that work efficiently. Using specialized software and applications our turn-key solutions allow our customers to make the most out of their solar investment. We also look for ways to help our employees work efficiently and safely. We invest heavily in tools that help them stay safe and do their job precisely, timely and proudly.



If our customer is happy, we are happy; and most likely, he/she will spread the word! We are in business to make money, but we want to make deals that are Win-Win-Win. We want our customer’s experience to be memorable. We write clear and unambiguous proposals and contracts and find ways for our customers to make their dream to go solar a reality. This is why we offer 100% financing for qualifying customers at very competitive rates.

We also want to have employees that are happy working with us. We pay wages that are above the industry standard and have perks that clearly show we value their hard work and we are good stewards of our resources.


Community Impact

We want to do more than our share to help our beautiful North West to stay green. This is why we want to help families go green one solar panel system at a time. We also believe in sharing our profits with the larger community. We are blessed so that we are a blessing to others. For every system we install we set apart funds to help provide solar for those who cannot afford it. We partner with local organizations and churches to make a difference in our community and in the world.