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Dynamic Solar & Electric NW Corp.

Solar Solutions and Energy Management

Residential Solar Solutions


We are all about electricity generation using solar harnessing devices.  We use state of the art equipment, software and tools that help us analyze our customer’s needs and design and implement a turn-key solution.  This helps our customers get the fastest ROI (Return On Investment), save money after the system has payed for itself and communicate a commitment to nature as they go green.

Commercial Solar Solutions


Businesses Can take advantage of Depreciation and Tax Credit

Accelerated depreciation combined with Tax savings makes Solar a viable solution.  Also, if your company’s income comes from the Agricultiral industry, then USDA grants may also help to pay for your project.

Battery Solutions

We offer batteries and charge controllers that integrate with our solar arrays.  We are also under certification with energy storage leaders in the industry. 
Power you home with the energy you produce, day and night!

EV Charging Stations


Electric Vehicle charging stations design and setup

Fast charging stations will enhance the EV experience either at home or for your employees/customers.